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Message of General Director


I am very glad to present our website to you and I hope you find the information here relevant and useful. 

Pskov is the most western point in mainland Russia located near the border with the Baltic States making her an important cross road for cargo transportation from the EU to Russia. Pskov customs is the major unit for freight traffic running through ports in the Baltic countries, railway tracks and direct truck transportation from Europe and is a unique gateway for European businesses transporting their goods to Russia.

In most cases, a huge part of imported goods are settled in warehouses in Russian big cities and customs clearance takes place in these cities. And afterwards most of the imported cargo flows further on - to distant regions of the country and very often reverses direction. Due to this reason, businesses are compelled to look for more effective ways for their commercial supply to Russia, in solving these difficulties they resort to services of companies with full range of logistics services and transshipment terminals near the border.

At present the demand for such services is fast growing and Trailtrans Logistics offers full range of logistics services and also acts as distributors for companies wanting to introduce their products to the Russian market.

The modern technology for running logistics business enables our company to control timely delivery of goods to our clients, our staff are well trained and we handle all cases for delivery individually to meet the needs of our clients offering them the most efficient transport decision.

Trailtrans Logistics offers full range logistics services in the region; this has been made possible by our network of companies. One of them, for example, office Riga that handles sea freight and the other companies in our group that performs different functions such as transportation, warehousing, customs services and distribution.


Uwem-Edimo Sampson

Managing Director
“Trailtrans Logistics”
+7 (8112) 793-672