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Often asked questions

Question: Where are you located?

Answer: We are located on the Russian border with Latvia and Estonia. Pskov is a crossroad junction for transportation routes for Russia and EU. In the vicinity of Pskov situated sea ports of Riga, Tallinn, St. Petersburg and Ust-Luga.

Question: Have you got yourown transport or you use 3rd party?

Answer: We are a logistics company and offer a variety of services in transport and warehouse logistics, customs clearance, insurance, cargo escort, outsourcing. We use third party transport depending on type of cargo and route. It could be different kinds of road transport, railway transport, water (sea) transport or aviation.

Question: How long are you in the business?

Answer: We are in the logistics business from 2003

Question: What transportation routes do you cover?

Answer: We deliver throughout Russia, CIS countries and Europe. We ship cargoes between Russia and countries of North/South America, North/West Africa, South-West Asia and Australia

Question: How about customs clearance?

Answer: Our company offers a comprehensive package of services for customs clearance of imported or exported goods transported by any type of transport. We employ highly qualified customs professionals and carries out customs clearance on all customs terminals of Pskov region.

Question: Can you provide storage solutions?

Answer: We have a transit warehouse located on the border between Russia and EU. The warehouse is linked to Russian railway network, able to accommodate 5 railway wagons and has a concrete drive way. We collaborate with consolidation warehouses in Lithuania, Latvia and Poland.

Question: Can I get a cost quote prior booking your services?

Answer: Transportation cost depends on many factors and there is no on-line calculator that would choose and optimum route, combine various types of transport and at the same time consider cargo special requirements, climate conditions, geographic lay out and economic situation throughout the way. Our managers will calculate the cost of transportation. It will be the best possible option. Fill in on-line request form or call us on: +7(8112)793-673, +7(8112)793-672.

Question: What are the transit times?

Answer: Our managers will calculate transit times for you. Fill in on-line request form or call us on: +7(8112)793-673, +7(8112)793-672


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