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Maritime traffic:
between Russia and European countries, South and North America, North and West Africa, Central and South-East Asia, Australia. Via north European ports, Baltic ports, St. Petersburg and Ust-Luga:

  • We work with various shipping companies, it allows us to offer the best quality, transit time and sea rates;
  • Transport services from warehouse to port of loading and from port of destination to warehouse (door to door);
  • Port forwarding;
  • Cargo tracking control;
  • Warehouse logistics and services in Baltik states and Poland (storage, transshipment);
  • Transportation of oversized cargo and hazard cargo.

Road freight: 
EU – Russia, domestic freight, to central Asia:

  • Transportation of standard, oversized and hazard cargoes;
  • Transportation of partial and valuable cargoes with minimum weight of 200 kg;
  • Container traffic;
  • Transportation with special trailers.

Air freight: 

  • Between Russia, South-East Asia, Europe, North and South America, Africa and Australia in any directions.
  • Any type of cargo.

Railway freight: 

  • General cargo;
  • Oversized cargo;
  • Containers traffic.




International freight forwarding is always associated with customs clearance and that is why our company can offer a comprehensive package of services for customs clearance of imported or exported goods transported by any type of transport.

“Trailtrans Logistics” employs highly qualified customs professionals and  carries out customs clearance on all customs terminals of Pskov region:

  • Formalizing  all customs statuses
  • Determination of the customs commodity code, customs value and duty rate
  • Preparing entry permits: quarantine permits, quality certificates, veterinary and fito-sanitary certificates
  • Customs clearance in EU
  • Professional advice on all customs enquiries

“Trailtrans Logistics” is your reliable partner and will support you in all your requirements for customs clearance including arrangements for bonded warehouse


“Trailtrans Logistics” executes international goods transportation according to demands of the clients.

We offer wide choice of cargo forwarding: road haulage, railway transportation, sea shipping and air freight forwarding.

We can offer a full package which includes door to door service including customs clearance.

“Trailtrans Logistics” has a consolidation warehouse right on the border between Russia and EU. The warehouse has railway access and concrete yard with a drive way. We have good relationships with the owners of consolidation warehouses in Lithuania, Latvia and Poland.

The advantageous geographic locations of our warehouses allow us to complete complex tasks delivering goods from Europe or managing transit cargoes.

“Trailtrans Logistics” carries out goods transportation in any direction for our clients in Europe, America, East Asia, North and West Africa and Australia.

Multimodal transportation for any distance and any complexity.


Group of Companies “Trailtrans Logistics” can offer following services:

  • Worldwide commodity search
  • Product specification determination
  • Preparing contract and other finance documents drafts, including certified translation (English, Finnish languages)
  • Supplying modern finance tools to facilitated payment transfers between partners or companies
  • Goods quality control
  • Gathering and submitting information about product quality, equipment and packaging
  • Product availability monitoring and outloading profiling
  • Supply chain management
  • New supplier search
  • Samples acquisition 


Group of companies “Trailtrans Logistics” operates a warehouse facility located on the border of Russia and EU. Storage unit can accommodate 5 railway carriages and has a concrete drive way.

Warehouse unit description:

  • Class “B”
  • Internal area – 18000 sq.m
  • Celling height – 12 m
  • Racking pallet spaces -4000
  • Racking pallet space weight – 1000kg
  • Minimum handling volume – 20 cubic m
  • Designated platform for discharging 2 railway carriages at a time
  • Customs controlled zone

 Our company offers the following services: 

  • Inbound/outbound logistics(road and railway)
  • Loading and unloading
  • Pallet rebuild
  • Product pick and pallet labelling
  • Secure storage
  • Modern Warehouse Management System covers goods in, storage and despatch processes
  • Cross dock operation
  • Secure parking for HGV
  • Permits and certification
  • Delivery paperwork

Group of Companies “Trailtrans Logistics” cooperates with consolidation warehouses in Lithuania, Latvia and Poland. Advantageous geographical locations of our warehouse facilities allow us successfully complete complicated transportation tasks.

Modern equipment allow us quickly and without communication breakdowns gather all information about inbound cargo, handle the goods, generate required paperwork and deliver goods to customer.