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Outsourcing (Foreign Economic Affairs)

Collaborating with us you’ll have the legal purity of all customs procedures and foreign trade transactions. We can help you to make a right decision aboutpracticality and possibility of a product purchase and its competitive value on worldwide markets. We also can give you a professional advice on customs regulations, essentials and formalization of trade transactions.

Group of Companies “Trailtrans Logistics” can offer following services:

  • Worldwide commodity search
  • Product specification determination
  • Preparing contract and other finance documents drafts, including certified translation (English, Finnish languages)
  • Supplying modern finance tools to facilitated payment transfers between partners or companies
  • Goods quality control
  • Gathering and submitting information about product quality, equipment and packaging
  • Product availability monitoring and outloading profiling
  • Supply chain management
  • New supplier search
  • Samples acquisition 

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